Woodland Park City Council selects new mayor in unique fashion

Woodland Park City Council selects new mayor from bowl

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - The city of Woodland Park is now under new leadership. Mayor Neil Levy, the owner of Swiss Chalet for the last 15 years, was sworn in Tuesday night. 

Levy was chosen for the position in an unconventional way. The six city council members were deadlocked -- three votes for Levy and three votes for former City Councilman Phil Mella after two rounds of voting. 

Then, the council improvised.

"We were informed if it was 3 to 3 more than one time than the two names would be put in a hat," Levy said Wednesday.

Only city council did not have a hat.

"We've heard of municipalities that break ties by drawing straws," Woodland Park City Manager David Buttery said, "rolling dice, drawing cards, picking a name out of a hat. We didn't have a hat, we had a bowl, so we used the bowl."

The city will now move forward in a new direction, one month after former Mayor David Turley resigned amid sexual assault allegations.

At his restaurant, friends and family left congratulatory messages for Levy.

"He doesn't need to do anything different other than to stay true to his principles which are standards that match the community, resident Ann Brown said. "He has a moral standard in his life in how he operates his business and how he treats people."

Levy is excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

"I'm humbled," he said. "I'm looking forward to the possibilities."

One of Levy's top priorities will be to bring more small businesses to the community.

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