Woodland Park City Council to select city's next mayor

Woodland Park City Council to select city's new mayor

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - The Woodland Park City Council will select a new mayor Tuesday night at an open forum that begins at 7 p.m.

The city's former mayor, David Turley, faces sexual assault allegations against a 17-year-old boy and stepped down last month after community members started a recall effort against him.

David Langley has called the wilderness of Woodland Park home for close to 40 years. Langley is outraged by Turley's alleged actions.

"It was shocking," Langley said. "Shocking and devastating. You have in the belief that there is good people in a good community. It was shocking because we live for a good family environment here."

Five candidates vie to become Woodland Park's next leader. Each of the candidates will make an opening and closing statement and answer questions from the six members on city council.

The winning candidate needs four votes. If there is a tie, the council will have the option to call back candidates for a second interview. Then, council will vote again.

"We're ready for a new mayor," Woodland Park City Manager David Buttery said. "We're ready for someone to be seated at this position. We're ready to put this all behind us."

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