Arrest Docs Say Mom Planned To Kill Toddler, Self

Little Boy Abandoned By I-25 Seems Happy, Healthy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Arrest records say a Colorado Springs mom told a friend she planned to kill her 2-year-old son and herself. Neysha Hall-Gonzalez, 28, was arrested Saturday after authorities said she abandoned her son in a ditch near Interstate 25 in the Rancho Colorado area.

TARGET 13 Investigates visited with the little boy, Carmelo, and his father Tuesday. The boy seemed happy and healthy, and could be heard laughing as he played with his dad from down the hall of their apartment complex.

The father said he didn't want to talk about what happened because he's a soldier, but the property manager of the complex said he was stunned by the accusations against Hall-Gonzalez.

"When she moved in, she had a lot of complaints, but I didn't suspect there was anything mentally wrong with her," said Ryan Floyd. "I just thought she was a little sensitive. I didn't see this coming."

Floyd said he's seen a lot of little Carmelo since the couple moved in.

"I always see him walking around, he's always a happy-go-lucky kid," said Floyd.

Sheriff's office investigators said the boy was alone for several hours, wearing only a diaper and wrapped in a coat and dress about 200 yards from I-25. They said he was covered with several feet of tumbleweeds.

A few hours earlier, Hall-Gonzalez was found wandering on nearby railroad tracks wearing a nightgown. She had been spotted that morning with the child, but investigators said, when they asked her about him, she wouldn't cooperate.

According to arrest documents, Hall-Gonzalez assumed Carmelo was already dead. When she saw a sheriff's office K-9 she said, "You must already know he is deceased because you have a cadaver dog."

Luckily, when the K-9, Axel, found Carmelo, he was fine.

Hall-Gonzalez's husband told investigators they had been fighting because she was cheating on him and that they planned to get a divorce. A friend said Hall-Gonzalez had stated Friday that she was going to kill herself and her son, because no one would want to care for the boy. Hall-Gonzalez and her husband also have an infant. The friend said there were no plans to hurt that child.

Hall-Gonzalez remains in jail on $50,000 bond. She faces charges of Attempted 1st Degree Murder and Child Abuse.

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