Balloon Boy's 'Flying Saucer' For Sale: $1 Mil.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The balloon made famous, or infamous, by the Heene family is up for sale and it could be yours. The price tag? $1 million.

Bidders have a chance to win the balloon or offer to pay the sticker shock price on the website.

To bid, you must answer questions like "what is your main interest in the flying saucer?," "how will the flying saucer be used?," and "do you believe flying saucers have been around for many years?"

And yes, the Heenes say this is completely for real.

If you're worried about the money being donated to them, don't be. They're not allowed to collect profits from the balloon hoax, a judge ruled earlier. Instead, the family said they'll donate the money to tsunami and earthquake relief in Japan.

The auction ends at noon on June 7, the website said.

The Heenes' son wasn't inside the balloon when it floated away in Oct. 2009. Mayumi Heene served 20 days in jail for filing a false report. Richard Heene served 30 days in jail for a felony count of attempting to influence a public servant.

To learn more, visit the website.

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