A threat of rain Saturday evening didn't ruin the annual Balloon Glo in Memorial Park which is part of 39th Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs.

The crowd was so large that moving around was difficult.  Nearly every spectator had a camera to record what could be the last weekend for the Glo, as the Classic plans to end its Labor Day weekend tradition after this year.

The Glo has been postponed on numerous occasions previously because of rain or strong winds.  On Saturday, however, a brief rain shower and clearing skies brought large numbers of people to the park.

During the Glo, pilots turn on their burners to inflate the balloons with hot air.  The roar of the burners, the bright jets of flame and the majestic, colorful balloons thrilled the crowd.

"My father passed away recently," said Jeff Prunty, a spectator.  "But now I come every year, and I bring my son also."

"I don't know what my family will do without it," said Autumn Whipple, another spectator.  "I guess we'll find a new venture."

The Balloon Glo is also is scheduled for Sunday at 8 p.m., weather permitting.