Bear cubs are released back into the wild after rehab

Bear cubs are released back into the...

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. - It was a slow start to the morning as seven bear cubs showed up an hour late to the Parks and Wildlife Center in Colorado Springs. 

"We're going to put them out in a wild setting and hopefully they can go back to being wild bears," said area manager Frank McGee.

It's a big day for these yearlings, beginning a new life in their natural habitat after spending months in rehabilitation.  

The two males and one female weighed about 140 pounds each. But with muzzles on and sleds underfoot, they were transported easily to their new makeshift dens. 

The dens were made out of branches and hay, where they would normally be made from snow for insulation. But with the low amounts of snow it was difficult to make a den. 

These bear cubs will be tracked and we will make sure to update you as soon as they wake up from hibernation. 

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