The Black Forest Veterinary Clinic was destroyed in the June wildfire, but the clinic is temporarily sharing space with a Colorado Springs clinic before moving to a new location.

The BFVC had been in the same location for 30 years when it burned.  The owner, Dr. Ted Mohr, first ran the clinic from his home.  However, on July 11 he moved into Powers Pet Emergency near the intersection of Powers and Stetson Hills boulevards.

"They were great to help us out," he said.  "They're busier at night and we're busier in the day, so it's a perfect fit.

Next month, the BFVC will relocate to the Black Forest Center across from the original clinic location.  He said he noticed it while going through the remains of his office.

"I looked across the street and saw a sign offering space for lease," he said.  "I had to think about it, whether I wanted to go back into practice.  I thought I could make it work, and I thought I should come back."

Also wanting Mohr back are his 4,000 clients.  Sandy Shearer is among them.  She lost her home in the fire.

"My dog got sick and I had to take her to another vet because I didn't know how to contact (Mohr)," she said.  "But I had to come back here.  He's treated my dogs for 17 years.  It's reassuring that the fire didn't change everything."

Workers are renovating the vacant office space at the center into a clinic. 

"Things here will be removable," said construction supervisor Dave Wallace.  "If he decides to build again (somewhere), he'll be able to take a lot of the equipment with him."

Mohr said it's unlikely that he will rebuild at his original location.  But he's found that rebuilding isn't necessary to recover from the fire.