A Cañon City woman is hoping the right travelers see her plea on the roadside. She's asking for a new kidney.

Becky Kelly has put a billboard along Highway 50 near Cottonwood Road asking for a living donor kidney.

Last year, the same sign prompted about half a dozen people to get tested. None were a match.

She's hoping the billboard will prompt more people to get tested.

Kelly has been battling kidney disease since 2009. She's also set up a Facebook page to spread the word about her need.

"I have a lot of life left to live and I am hoping to find an O kidney donor soon," wrote Kelly on the website.

Kelly drives to Pueblo for treatment three times a week.

"To wait seven or eight years for a donation [from a cadaver] is hard and dialysis is a very, very hard process to go through," said Kelly.

The billboard is owned by a friend with a rafting company. He's letting Kelly use it until the business starts up again.

If you'd like more information about potentially helping Kelly by getting tested call a living donor coordinator at (720) 848-2262.