It's a sweet homecoming for two brothers from Black Forest Saturday.

Caleb and Cameron Kruse are loving their summer vacation. The siblings are driving an ice cream truck cross-country and helping to empower kids to explore their world one scoop of Avocado, Guava and Mango at a time.

"An ice cream truck is an incredible way where you can be complete strangers in a new community and bring out a whole group of people," Caleb said. "It really breaks down barriers."

The Kruse's and their childhood friend, Jordan Fatke, got a National Geographic Young Explorers Grant earlier this year to help make their dream a reality.

The truck is an environmentally friendly summer ride that runs on vegetable oil.

They're back in Southern Colorado for part of the weekend, serving a sweet treat to kids on the property they grew up on.

The home the brothers grew up in was destroyed in the Black Forest Fire a little more than a year ago.

Saturday, a new home was rebuilt on the property with the ice cream truck a nice addition in the front yard.

"This is where we did our dreaming, our exploring," Cameron said with a smile. "So, as hard as that was to see happen to our family, to be back here today where all this dreaming and exploring started, it's something I can't put into words."

Sunday, the brothers take their truck to Boulder and continue on their journey. The final destination will be New York City in late September.