Black Forest Community Church fundraising for restoration

The Black Forest Community Church was built in 1939 and is beginning to show its age.

"It's part of history and that's really important to all of our lives whether we know it or not," said Bessie Radspinner, a Black Forest Community Church member.
When the Black Forest community was being formed, there were four main buildings in the area. The Black Forest Community Church was one of those.

"People came out here when the Air Force Academy was being built and we didn't know each other, but we got acquainted in a hurry," Radspinner said.

The church stood to many people in town as a place to meet and get to know their community when there wasn't much else around.
"That church was built during the Depression when the Black Forest was not a very wealthy place," said Margaret Natelli, a church member.

When the building started to show its age, the church members decided it was time to take action.
"To begin with the outside of the building, to preserve and restore that building to keep it to its most original version of itself," church member Mona Navalta said of the goal to restore the church.

When the Black Forest fire swept through in 2013, many of the church members were obviously concerned about their houses, but they also want to protect the church.
"Had this burned, it would have taken, to me it would have taken the heart and soul of the community away," said Mark Bissell, a church member.

The Colorado Historical Society gave the church a $16,000 grant to help with restoration, and now the community has to come up with a $5,500 match to restore its church. 

The plan is to restore the outside of the church first and then the chapel.

If you want to help the restoration process, click here to visit the Go Fund Me page.

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