Black Hills Energy warns of scammers out to steal your money

Chris Loveless, Digital Content Director ,
POSTED: 03:47 PM MDT Jun 26, 2013 

Black Hills Energy says someone tried to ripoff one of it's customers by pretending to be an employee of the utility company.

The victim of the attempted scam says someone called him, identified themselves as a Black Hills employee, and told him his account was past due. The would-be scammer told the man he needed to make a payment immediately to bring his account current. The scammer then told the man to go to a local store and buy a cash card, and that someone would be by his house later to pick it up.

“Our customers need to be mindful of this fraud and know that Black Hills will never ask a customer to pay their bill this way,” said Susan Bailey, general manager of Black Hills Energy’s Colorado Gas operations.  “Additionally, a company employee engaged in official business would be driving a company-logoed vehicle and would wear a company-issued photo-identification badge.”

If you are suspicious of someone claiming to represent a utility, contact your utility provider using the phone number on your monthly bill or the utility’s website. Your utility can confirm the legitimacy of the claim and can also confirm bill payments, service work, or a service call to any address. It’s important to know that scammers can cause caller-ID displays to mimic legitimate companies, making it appear as if the call is coming from the utility.

Black Hills offers the following safety tips:

Black Hills Energy says anyone with concerns or questions about its employees should call the company's emergency number, 800-694-8989. Customer service associates are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.