Brides find the dress while fighting breast cancer

Brides Against Breast Cancer stops in Colorado Springs

Olivia Wilmsen, Multimedia Journalist,
POSTED: 10:54 PM MST Jan 18, 2014 
Wedding gowns benefit breast cancer victims

Brides to be are swarming the Antlers Hilton in Colorado Springs. It's all part of the 'Brides Against Breast Cancer' national tour. It’s the first time the "Nationwide Tour of Gowns" stopped in the Springs.

A couple of happy ladies found their perfect dress while giving hope to other women.

"Very exciting to have found the dress,” said Donna Webster.

Donna Webster is getting married June 7. She never thought she'd end up at the “Tour of Gowns” looking for *the* dress.

"It means everything. For one thing, I'm done and it's a great cause,” she said.

Brides Against Breast Cancer's Nationwide Tour of Gowns raises $2 million every year for cancer patients, giving hope one dress at a time.   

"That money that would just go to a designer is actually going to go to an organization that's going to do some good for some people and that means a lot,” said Webster.

"I just always imagined going to a bridal shop, buying a new gown, but I like this,” said Jessica Timm.

Jessica Timm has more than a year until her big day, but finding a gown at the brides against breast cancer event, she said, “I'm going to feel awesome and like I said it's a good cause and it's going for something that needs to be done."

What also needs to be done are those other bride tasks. Vendors were also on hand catering to every girl's needs.

"The best part is seeing a brides smiling face when she says yes, and to know she did something to help out other people who are going through a hard time,” said Brides Against Breast Cancer spokesperson Kelsey Anderson.

"It's awesome,” said Webster.

Webster said she will donate her dress after her wedding. Timm said she’ll think about doing the same.

You still have a chance to find a gown, they'll be open again Sunday (1/19/14) at 11. You can find more information at