PUEBLO, Colo. -


There was an apparent drowning in the Arkansas River on Monday and a huge fire in downtown Tuesday. It was a busy week for new Pueblo Fire Chief Dale Villers.

Christopher Frazier, 23, is the man crews believe fell into the Arkansas River Monday. That was also Chief Villers' first day as the fire chief.

He said just because it was his first day, it doesn't mean he and his crews weren't ready.

"We knew the river was coming up and it was running high and we were already in the mode to prepare," Chief Villers said. 

If that wasn't enough, there was a huge fire on Third Street and Court Street on his second day. The flames consumed several buildings. 

"It's a busy week, it just happened back-to-back," he said. 

Fire Engineer Don Durning said the fire on Tuesday came out of nowhere and it's one he will never forget.

"It was a little intense, a fire that size, but we train for that sort of thing," he said.

Chief Villers said he received more help by getting seven more firefighters from the academy.