Campaign Underway To Legalize Marijuana In CO

Colorado Springs Used As Test Market

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A new campaign has kicked off that's trying to convince you to legalize marijuana in Colorado. Colorado Springs is being used as a test market for the effort which includes a 30 second TV ad and mailers with information.

The ad features a woman in a coffee shop who says that she doesn't like marijuana personally, but believes "it's time for a conversation" about legalizing it.

It's the start of what will likely become a year-long statewide campaign as marijuana advocates push for legalization. The law proposal would let anyone over 21 buy pot, but slap on a hefty tax that could go to fund schools, law enforcement, and health care. The idea is to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

"Put safety warnings up and make sure the little kids can't have it of course, but for adults who are mature and know what they're doing, especially for medical uses, yeah I definitely agree with it," said Dennan Welch, who has a medical marijuana card.

But many aren't in favor, including some in the medical marijuana industry.

"If we treat it like alcohol and it passes, everything we worked for and fought for may come crashing down upon us," said KC Stark, with Go Green Cross. "Because at that point, the Supreme Court will have to act."

Stark said he believes that if Colorado tries to sell marijuana that's not medical, the federal government will shut down the entire industry.

"We have a model that works, it's called medical marijuana in accordance with Amendment 20," said Stark.

El Paso County Commissioner chair Amy Lathen said that regulating medical marijuana is already difficult enough.

"This is still a federally illegal substance, so regardless of what we do at the local level, the feds trump what we do," said Lathen. "That is a significant issue.

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