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Pueblo West Metro Board: No more pot

Pueblo West Metro Board: No more pot

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - No more marijuana establishments should be allowed in Pueblo West, according to the district's metro board.

"They sticking more of them shops out here, so you're going to have more dope-heads running around than you can shake a stick at," said Pueblo West resident Cecil Burner, speaking before a standing-room only crowd of 60 people at the meeting.

"As a Pueblo West resident, I'm ashamed to be a part of this community," said 11-year Pueblo West resident Jerry Hauber.

Ten people spoke before the metro board. None expressed support for the marijuana industry.

"I feel like that we're part of an experiment in Pueblo County on this drug inundation and we are in ground zero here in Pueblo West," said Sharon Scutti, another Pueblo West resident.

The board unanimously approved a resolution, asking Pueblo County commissioners to discontinue issuing anymore marijuana licenses in their community. The majority of the marijuana stores in Pueblo County are in Pueblo West.

Board member Mark Carmel made it clear to residents that the metro board does not issue marijuana licenses. The county commissioners have legal authority over that. Board members hope the resolution sends a message to county commissioners that residents do not want anymore marijuana businesses in the community.

"We don't have zoning and land use authority, or we don't have under the new constitutional amendment- marijuana licensing authority," Carmel said.

The resolution also calls for the county commissioners to share a percentage of the marijuana tax revenue with the metro board. In addition, the resolution asks county commissioners to reserve three seats on the Pueblo County Planning Commission for Pueblo West residents.

"I like the community but I think it's going downhill-- fast," Hauber said.

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