Cantaloupe farmers are waiting on freeze totals for crops

Cantaloupe dealing with frost from...

ROCKY FORD, Colo. - Farmers are still awaiting devastation totals from last weekend's snowstorm. The snow that hit the region affected all five of the Rocky Ford Growers Association Farms, but Knapp farms was hit the hardest. 

"We're really waiting to assess the situation and see what has been hit with the snow storm that we had and what is still growing," said Brooke Proctor from the Rocky Ford Growers Association. 

Although the freeze happened last weekend, it will take some time before they know whether or not the seeds they planted need to be replaced. With the warm weather, that answer may be just around the corner. 

If the totals are high, Hirakata Farms will be prepared for the recovery. 

"We'll go in and replant. We'll go in and plug in the little holes by hand and hopefully they catch up and we'll be in good shape," said Michael Hirakata, co-owner of Hirakata Farms. 

Because all five of the farms stagger their planting times, Hirakata Farms missed the storm and started planting its transplant crop Thursday. 

"The transplant comes to us like this, where the seeds are just seeds that are planted into the ground. Here you get the whole plant, where it can come off a little bit earlier in the season," said Proctor. 

We will still be able to see cantaloupe in the grocery stores this summer but the question is: how much?

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