CDOT tests treads at Winter Tire Demo

CDOT tests treads at Winter Tire Demo

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Here in Colorado, winter driving conditions are something we constantly  keep an eye on and regardless of whether or not we have had significant snow this season, it is something we all need to be prepared for. 

That's why CDOT help a demonstration this morning showing which tires are the best for the conditions. 

Three identical cars were used, each with different kinds of tires: low-tread tires, mud and snow designated tires and snow tires. Aligned side by side, the vehicles accelerated across the ice and then brake to demonstrate the distance it takes for each to stop. 

The snow tires did the best. Auto Sock was also there to demonstrate a new product they have. It's a sock that fits over your tire instead of a chain, making for easy traction support. This sock is approved to be used during traction and chain las set in place by CDOT.


And for KRDO viewers only, Masterdrive will do 1 2 hour kid pad course where you can practice skid recovery and skid control for $100 for KRDo viewers only within the next two days.

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