Choking Game Kills 12 Yr Old, Parents Urging Awareness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The death of 12 year old Colorado Springs boy is shining a light on what many kids think is a harmless game.

GianLuc Jordan, called Luca by family and friends, was smart, funny and athletic. A boy who stood up for others, like one time in P.E. when a heavier kid was getting picked on.

"He said I ran 2 laps and at the 3rd one I just had enough and I stopped and I told them you need to knock this off, this is not the way to act - and I was really proud of him," GianLuc's Mom Petra Verhoeven-Jordan told us.

Luca died on August 17th, after several days in a coma. His father found Luca on August 13th, with a belt around his neck. Investigators say Luca died after playing what kids call the "choking game."

"Awareness is the key word that I would like to get out to other parents out there," says Luca's Father Henry Jordan, "because this totally caught me off guard there were no signs."

He and his wife are trying to spread the word about Luca's life and death, hoping they can help others. Luca was a standout on the soccer field and on the swim team.

"I just had no idea that this (choking game) was going on, that this was out there, so if we can get the awareness out there to where we can just save one child, then I'll feel good deep down in my heart, I really would," Henry told us.

He and his wife are asking other parents to look up the game. The site is dedicated to raising awareness.

GianLuc was by himself, using a belt wrapped around a bunk bed bed post, which he leaned into until he passed out.

He's one of more than a dozen kids to die from the game this year, there were 44 last year, according to

"The statistics are crazy," Petra says, "and while we were in the hospital the doctor who was treating him (Luca) said that just a week before in Denver a girl died from it."

Luca's organs were donated and helped save the lives of 4 other people.

His memorial service is tomorrow night at 6 p.m. in New Life Church's Main Auditorium. His parents want it to be a celebration of his life. They ask that no one wear black.

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