Colorado Secretary of State being investigated for misconduct

Colorado Secretary of State being investigated for misconduct

DENVER - A grand jury in Denver is looking into complaints against Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams after a watchdog group found alleged discrepancies in Williams' campaign finance enforcement.

The Denver District Attorney's Office started investigating when a group called Campaign Integrity Watchdog made complaints of official misconduct that date back to 2017.

The group has two specific complaints against Williams. In the first count, the group says Williams and his office failed to collect nearly $10,000 in penalties owed by a political committee, and the group alleges Williams isn't collecting because the committee used to be run by one of his longtime associates.

But Williams denied that accusation and said his office couldn't get the money.

"There was no money to collect. We followed the office policy and procedure, which is to examine whether there are assets to collect. If there aren't, there's nothing that can be done," Williams told KRDO.

The second complaint says Williams' office used at least $25,000 in state money to intervene in numerous campaign finance cases. However, Williams says his office received judicial approval for their actions.

"To claim that it is a criminal act when you have a judge saying you can do it is, frankly, absurd," Williams said.

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said she couldn't give any other details about the grand jury's investigation because it's still pending.

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