Colo. Springs looking at options for banning marijuana possession at city facilities

Colorado Springs could ban pot possession at city facilities

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The possession of marijuana at Colorado Springs city facilities could be banned.

In a statement released Friday, the city said, "...Mayor Bach and Police Chief Carey are evaluating their options for disallowing the possession of marijuana at the COS Airport and other City facilities..."

As of Tuesday a city spokesperson said they had not yet made a decision, and they wouldn't discuss the arguments for or against a ban until a decision was made. But other city leaders are weighting in.

City Council President Keith King supports the idea. KRDO NEWSCHANNEL13 asked him specifically about a ban at "other City facilities."

"I think it's good to ban marijuana inside our city buildings just because of the fact that that way we make sure we have a drug-free employee zone for our employees and we make sure that we are making it a safe environment for all the people that come into the facilities," he said.

King said he thinks council would support a non-possession ordinance. But if it happens, there is still a lot they need to figure out, like enforcement.

"I would guess that they would have to show (the marijuana) or have it out," he said. "I don't think anyone's going to go around frisking people or trying to see if they have it on them in their person. I don't think that will be happening."

And if the ban does go through, and penalties are involved, King said the penalties will probably be minor.

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