Pueblo -

Pueblo County Sheriff's Deputies, along with narcotics detectives, have arrested 56 year old Thomas Randal Salsman on drug charges, after they say he tried to sell marijuana to at least one of the Pueblo County marijuana shops.

Salsman was arrested after an undercover sting operation.

Agents seized 18 ounces of marijuana and a .45 caliber handgun.

A search warrant also turned up another 20 ounces of marijuana at Salsman's home.

The combined value of the drugs is in excess of $15,000.

Detectives say Salsman, who lives in Colorado Springs, admitted he had a grow operation for over two decades.

Legal marijuana shops are not allowed to buy products from a grower who is not licensed.

Detectives say Salsman is not a licensed grower, and his attempt to distribute to the shops is a felony.

He's being charged with possession with intent to distribute (a class 3 felony) and possession of more than 12 oz. (a class 4 felony).