Colorado Childhood Obesity Rate Rises

Rates go down in 18 states

POSTED: 10:08 PM MDT Aug 06, 2013    UPDATED: 10:38 PM MDT Aug 06, 2013 
Colorado Springs, Colo. -

Childhood obesity may be falling in 18 states here in the U.S., but Colorado is not one of them.

The Centers for Disease Control finds Colorado is one of three states where the childhood obesity rate has gone up. Those states are in black on the map. The states that are dark blue had no change in obesity rates.

Parents we talked with say they do whatever it takes to make sure their kids are healthy.

 “I think a lot of kids just love to watch the shows that are on TV and video games I think is a big problem, too. Kids just don't go outside and enjoy their childhood the way they should,” said Emily Eliason.

One parent tells us her daughter is overweight, not by a lot, but by enough to be bullied about it. Nothing has helped her lose that weight. Mom says it is heartbreaking to watch her try so hard and get nowhere.