What we found inside Colorado Springs Airport amnesty boxes

Colorado Springs Airport looks inside amnesty boxes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Marijuana users flying out of the Colorado Springs Airport can avoid taking off with leftover goodies in their bags.

The airport is equipped with amnesty boxes that allow users to drop off their marijuana supply before they get on the plane.

Aidan Ryan with the Colorado Springs airport says they added the two boxes in 2014 after the city voted to ban the drug from its location altogether.

Ryan says, "We wanted to give and offer the public and people traveling through the airport the last ditch effort to get rid of any marijuana."

Flyers use the box even if they're boarding a plane that will land in a destination that has legalized the drug. The federal government has banned marijuana while flying. 

The amnesty box that sees the most deposits is the one closest to TSA. With the help of Colorado Spring Police, we took a look inside.

We found what appeared to be a Blue Diamond bag of almonds, but inside was a wrapped ounce of marijuana. Sgt. Matt Harrell says, "If someone transports it like that they were probably thinking about taking it through TSA checkpoint or whatever and got cold feet."

Among the other items included in the box were a wrapped joint, marijuana concentrate, edible gummies, and two pipes.

Every month, police take the items and log them through the airport. They are then taken back to a police station and disposed of there.


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