Colorado Springs Police say their suspect in a double shooting that happened Friday morning has turned himself in.

Police say Rodney Leon Lewis shot two people at the Reserve Apartments in the 2000 block of Carmel Drive. 

Brandon Lozano said he heard everything that happened during the shooting.

"I heard strangling of a female and screaming a lot of screaming going on and a minute after that I heard a gun shot, I woke up assuming it was a dream," he said.

The shooting left Mary Bobian with an uneasy feeling.

"My grand baby lives up stairs, it's pretty scary," she said. 

Bobian said if she had the money, she would move out of the apartment complex.

CSPD spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley said two men, ages 30 and 47, were shot during a party.

"Obviously when we have apartment complexes and more people gathered there is always the tendency to have increased activity," Buckley said.

They both went to the hospital. One had serious injuries, the other had minor injuries.

Lewis is facing attempted murder charges.