Colorado Springs Police Officer Arrested

Attempt To Influence A Public Servant

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs police officer is on paid administrative leave after being arrested on Friday.

Officer Sydney Huffman could face at least two years in prison if convicted on charges of attempting to influence a public servant. It's a class IV felony. A press release from police made it clear that the charges are not official yet with a final decision is in the hands of the district attorney's office.

Huffman was hired by C.S.P.D. in 2008.

In April, police asked the district attorney's officer to look into allegations of misconduct tied to a domestic abuse trial against her ex-boyfriend. That trial went against Huffman.

On Friday, the district attorney's office determined there was enough probable cause to arrest her.

"Obviously this is a very disappointing situation, especially as it trails the arrest of another officer," said Sgt. Steve Noblitt, spokesperson for the police department.

Officer Josh Carrier was arrested earlier this year and has been charged with ten counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Those allegations only came to light after his initial arrest for child pornography.

Though this is another black eye for the department, Noblitt indicated that these incidents, if proven guilty, are examples of bad apples.

"We are committed to protecting the community and doing what we need to with those involved in criminal behavior regardless of who they are and where they work," said Noblitt.

Huffman will be in court on Monday for advisement.

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