Colorado Springs selected most romantic city in U.S.

POSTED: 06:39 PM MST Feb 13, 2014 
Colorado Springs selected most romantic city in US

Colorado Springs is the most romantic city in America, according to the Wall Street Journal, which based its findings on Facebook information.

Facebook made a list of the top five most romantic cities in the U.S. To do that, it looked at the rate at which people changed their relationship status from "single" to "in a relationship," in a given month.

One local matchmaker said that's no indication of how romantic a city is.

"I don't know that that really means anything other than the fact that they clicked a button that they can unclick tomorrow," said Donna Shugrue, founder of Perfectly Matched. "And I don't know that that says that we're a romantic city at all."

Still, she said the attention it's giving the city is a good thing. She said if we think we're in the most romantic city, we might make it become the most romantic city.

Colorado Springs residents said the city has plenty of romantic factors.

"If you go to the mountains, it's very romantic, or the zoo," Fulya Johnson said.

Several said the mountains and the sunny weather in Colorado Springs make for a romantic setting.