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12 -year-old girl fighting cancer looking to raise awareness

12 year old girl fighting cancer looking to raise awareness

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - At just 12 years old, a local girl is hoping to raise awareness for childhood cancer-- a disease she herself continues to fight.

Cheyenne Dyess served as an ambassador for St. Baldrick's foundations all of last year.

She was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma in 2015 after being misdiagnosed with a cyst.

Since then, she's had months of chemo treatments and hospital visits, but is now in the maintenance phase of treatment.

While being an advocate has helped raise money for childhood cancer research, it's also helped Cheyenne cope with the situation. 

“When you think of cancer… some people look at it as a curse and like ‘oh my gosh why did this have to happen to me?’ Whereas I look at it and I looked at it as a sign to have a different outlook on life. You can change lives on this journey,” said Cheyenne.

Right now-- tens of thousand of children like Cheyenne are fighting cancer all around the country. She is hoping that by sharing her own story, she can help raise money for childhood cancer research. 

Only about 3 percent of the government funding used for cancer research goes to childhood cancer. 

All of the money raised by St. Baldrick's with help from kids like Cheyenne goes to research. 

For more information about events or how to donate, you can visit the St. Baldrick's website. 


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