Colorado Springs

2018 bear sightings begin as they wake from hibernation

Bear spotted in NW Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It is officially spring, and warm weather in southern Colorado has local wildlife waking up from their long winter's naps. 

Bears are back in Colorado, and people are already starting to catch glimpses of the animals. 

Steve Swan captured this image of a bear walking through his backyard in the Oak Valley Ranch area. 

He says he set up the cameras a few years ago after several of his neighbors shared their own stories and images. 

Here's what Colorado Parks and Wildlife has to say about bears in Colorado: 

"Black bears have lived in the foothills and forests of Colorado since long before the pioneers arrived. Today black bears are trying to share space with an ever-growing human population. With many more people living and playing in bear country, human-bear encounters are on the rise."

For tips from Colorado Parks and Wildlife about bear-proofing your home this season, click HERE.


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