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4-year-old hikes the Manitou Springs Incline

Father and son train to hike the Incline

Leif hikes the Incline

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - At popular tourist attractions you can find people taking pictures or enjoying the scenery. That's not the case for a father and son. Instead, they're using nature's sites to stay fit.

KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us about a little boy who has the grit to train hard and hike like no other.

Amongst sight-seers and workout enthusiasts at Red Rocks, you can find dad and Leif working out; everything from pushups to climbing stairs.

Will Swenson, Leif’s father says his son enjoy his workouts, "So from day one, this kid showed a little bit of athleticism and energy." One that most 4 year olds don't have. The duo trains to explore other hiking trails nearby.

"He does a great job of training me and I like what he sings and what workouts he does," explains Leif.

Dad says he keeps Leif active so he can forget about his iPad, "You have to keep your kids running and moving around even if they don't show this kind-of natural athleticism or desire."

Leif keeps with his dad because he thinks it’s fun, "I race my dad because I like to, 'cause I like racing. I like racing with my dad."

After months of hard work, “Which chin was it? This one!”  And boo-boos along the way— the next challenge? The Manitou Springs Incline.

When we heard a four-year-old hiked the Incline, I tagged along to see it for myself.  Stair after stair; you can see Leif conquering the Incline without any struggles.

Hikers were amazed to see someone so little on the trail. "Man, its hard! Seeing my little man Leif he's doing his thing so I can’t let him out do me," says local hiker EJ Gui.

"I’m super impressed! I usually have to walk and guess who's always waiting for me? He's always up there waiting for me," explains Leif’s mother.

"So I just passed the false summit and I can see the real summit up there and Leif? He's a tiny little spec somewhere up there. It's hard to keep up with this kid"

What felt like a impossible hike — almost giving up he told me, "Just do it and don't give up." And so I did.

"We're almost there…" we finally made it to the top. This was Leif’s second time conquering the Incline.

On his first try, Leif finished the hike in one hour and twenty minutes.

In Manitou Springs, Cinthia Maldonado KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13.

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