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40 years later: TESSA continues fight against domestic violence

40 years later: TESSA continues fight...

COLORADO SPRINGS - An important milestone was made on Wednesday for an organization that offers help to women needing an escape from violent relationships.

TESSA celebrated 40 years on Wednesday. 

The nonprofit organization was established to offer help to women who are victims of domestic violence.

“TESSA is an invaluable partner in fighting domestic violence in our community. They really step out and give victims a second opportunity to change their lives. They give protection to those who need protection,” said Dan May, district attorney.

At the ceremony, TESSA not only commemorated the anniversary but also announced a new chapter of growth, launching three new initiatives.

Those include a housing first program, legal services called "Project Lift" and a summit called Champions of Change.

TESSA hopes these initiatives will help bring the community together to stop domestic violence.

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