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A close friend of Jalen Robinette talks about his situation

A close friend talks about Jalen...

For four years at the Air Force Academy Hayden Graham and Jalen Robinette were inseparable,"We've got a tight knit group, we've had the same group the whole time at the academy and we were all there," says Graham.

On the day Robinette's NFL draft dreams came to a grinding halt, Graham was there, "So I found out when I was at his draft party the day everybody else found out about it."
"We got to the house and it got kind of quiet, and we assumed everybody knew about it," says Graham

Graham and other seniors were frustrated on Jalen's behalf. How could you wait until draft day to tell the guy he can't start a pro football career? "More poor timing than a bad situation. He knew what he was getting himself into, it was just bad timing," says Graham.

Even through that adversity, Robinette held his head high, "If it had been anybody else it could have gone like AWOL, but Jalen is the most professional dude there is and so he handled it with as much class as there could have been," says Graham. Still it was hard to watch one of his best friends live out his worst nightmare, "It was tough, everybody was kind of just in the room like, you feel bad for the guy because he's been working so hard every single day," says Graham

Both Robinette and Graham are moving on with their lives now and in Graham's case if given the opportunity, he'd enroll at the Academy all over again, "It sounds crazy, but I would. Because it's given me so many lessons in leadership abilities and stuff like that to lead me forward in my life now. And there's just endless opportunity coming from the Academy."



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