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An inspiring miracle: Farid Dagher

A young man outlives his life expectancy

An Inspiring Miracle: Farid Dagher...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - For parents their kid’s graduation is one of many great accomplishments they look they look forward to. For a family in Colorado Springs — seeing their son graduate was a miracle.  This student has been on life support most of his life.

"My name is Farid. It's nice to see you."
At just three months old, Farid Dagher was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy — a genetic disease that weakens the body's muscles and movement.

Doctors said his life expectancy was a week and today he's 18 years old. "I am graduating tomorrow at the [Brodmoor] World Arena. "

We met up with Farid a day before his graduation since his talking device only works from home. "This is my accent, it helps me speak."

Farid has always enjoyed school, "My favorite hobby is reading."  He’s one of the many graduating seniors from Coronado High School. His teacher taught him for 14 years and says he earned his diploma. "No one could've believed how much he had to do to get to this day and how hard he had to work. He never ever quit," said Agatha Sartain.

Although, he's a young man of few words she also mentions his passion for learning, "I know no other student that loves learning any more than he does."

"Farid Dagher" (ceremony announcer).

Today, he walks across this stage with the help of his brother and father. A day his family thought would never come true. An emotional moment witnessed by his loved ones.

His mother, Michelin Dagher says it was a rough journey, "We overcame all the challenges, this is his goal and we were all behind him and supported him. It's a dream come truth."
"There’s no word to describe how we are feeling today. It's like our first child is graduating, in this situation, I’m speechless," said his father Fadi.

He outlived his life expectancy and it’s something the Dahger's are calling a miracle. "I would've never pictured my brother crossing the stage getting his high school diploma." Now, the next step, off to college!
Farid is already enrolled at a local college. He wants to pursue a degree in film editing and producing.


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