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A Yoga Project That Helps Veterans with PTSD

The Veterans Yoga Project

Veterans Yoga Project

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In Military Matters we're introducing you to an organization that's helping our wounded warriors — who return home with PTSD.

KRDO News Channel 13's Cinthia Maldonado tells us how yoga is helping veterans battling their traumas.

These veterans both active duty and retired follow the same routine every Tuesday!

"Yoga helped me with the loss of my late husband," explains Army Veteran Amber Hansen.

Tom Noonan served in the U.S Coast Guard and adds some days in the military were full of uncertainly, "Boarding of ships night and day not knowing what you're getting into."

They all have different stories but do have one thing in common— PTSD.

Yoga instructor Jason Smiley knows firsthand what wounded warriors have gone through; he's a veteran himself. "We've gone through basic training, we've eaten at the dining facilities, you know we have common experience even though it's not a combat experience."

He hopes the mind-body practices that helped him will help his comrades.

Jason explains, "They're basic therapeutic yoga techniques. Every class involves some breathing techniques, some meditation, some movement, some relaxation, and a gratitude practice."

To veterans like Dennise Acevedo setting time aside has benefited her, "Yoga has helped me tremendously with stress, anxiety and sleep disorder."

These veterans agree at times it's needed to disconnect from a world that can be rough.

"It’s that one hour or so out of your day where you can just be present to the moment and not worry," adds Amber Hansen.

"The toughest thing is coming to the first class but after that give it three shots and see if it works for you," says Tom Noonan.

Yoga and meditation helping to heal our wounded warriors. "There’s no reason to wait."

The Veteran's Yoga Project offers many yoga sessions in various locations throughout the week.
  If you're interested in attending or giving a donation to help this project
continue its work visit  Veteran's Yoga Project.

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