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AFA freshmen cadets undergo rigorous training

AFA cadets undergo rigorous training

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Air Force Academy freshmen started their "recognition" training event Friday.


Recognition stands for the training that all four classes of cadets go through. The training is aimed to test physical and mental abilities.


Successfully completing training shows the freshmen military class have met the requirements and are ready to complete military life. 


"It's a gut check essentially," said Sergeant Master William Duvall. "Can you get through it?"


Duvall remembers training as a bitter-sweet experience.


"It is a college, you go to class, do your homework, do push-ups in the afternoon," he said. "So it can get into kind of a grind. But these kind of events really bring back a sense of pride for what we do."


Upper class members said the job really pushes the trainers too.


"The hardest thing is yelling at them to go faster when I know they're giving it the most they possibly can," said Duvall. "We have to keep telling them we know you can do better because they can."
Even though the two-day event is filled with intense challenges, it's all worth it in the end. 
"There's a lot of little things that you'll see afterwards, maybe it doesn't all make sense freshmen year, but at the end you really do feel like you've earned something," said Amanda Smith, Air Force Academy Senior.
At the end of training, the freshmen will receive their "prop and wings"' pin they place on their hat to signify their an official member of the Cadet Wing.
The training continues until Saturday night.

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