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Affidavit recounts sexual encounters with Colorado Springs sparring coach

COLORADO SPRINGS - Officials released the affidavit detailing the sexual encounters between two minors and a Colorado Springs sparring coach on Wednesday. 

Glenn Allan Lainfiesta is facing several charges including sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust. 

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In the affidavit one of the victims talks about an incident where he and his friend, who is also a minor, was treated inappropriately by Lainfiesta at a birthday party. 

On April 2, in the early morning hours, the two juveniles and Lainfiesta were lying on the floor, getting ready for bed when Lainfiest approached one of them. That victim claims that Lainfiesta hugged him from behind and began moving his hands downward. The victim stated that as Lainfiesta's hands started to reach the inside of his hips, the victim blocked him from moving any further. 

At this point, Lainfiesta got up and returned to his sleeping spot. 

The victim added that Lainfiesta had been hugging and grabbing them both earlier in the night as they all watched Netflix together. 

When authorities approached Lainfiesta, he told them that the sexual encounter was a lie. He did admit that he was at the same place celebrating his birthday and that he had to stay there because he had too much to drink to drive safely. 

Lainfiesta had been a coach with Academy of Life and Leadership Tae Kwon Do for around 2 years. The victim had been one of his students for that amount of time, attending classes four times a week. 

Lainfiesta turned himself in on April 18. 

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who may have been victimized by Lainfiesta to call (719) 520-7596.

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