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Affidavit: Surveillance footage pieces together murder in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS - Officials have released the arrest affidavit for Deddrick Davontae Hill, detailing the night when a 24-year-old was murdered in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs police were called on October 30 to investigate a possible shooting at 2231 East Platte Avenue, formerly known as Dr. Reefer.

Along with surveillance video, the Colorado Springs Department Digital Forensics unit has uncovered DVR recorders throughout the property where Conte' Smith-El was killed.

The video shows two men, one of them believed to be Deddrick Davontae Hill, arriving at the business on East Platte at around 9:30 p.m. One of the men enters the building and meets with Conte', while the other stands outside armed with a rifle. 

The affidavit says that after the suspect and Conte' "completed their business," the man outside with the rifle enters the building and quickly pins down Conte'.

The armed suspect then attempts to tie up Conte', while the other suspect scans the room possibly looking for items to steal, according to the affidavit. 

Conte' manages to knock the armed suspect down and as he falls he begins shooting at Conte'. Next, the video shows Conte' in pain and crying for help.

Both men run from the scene and were last spotted headed northeast across Platte Avenue.

Police then arrived at around 10 p.m. and Conte' was dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

It is unclear at this time who fired the shots. A 16-year-old has been arrested for first-degree murder in this investigation. Colorado Springs police are still searching for Hill. He is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you know where he is, contact CSPD at 444-7000. 

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