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Air Force takes responsibility for database crisis involving Texas gunman

AF Secretary: "checking all databases"

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Air Force is taking responsibility for not properly registering the fingerprints of Devin Kelley.
Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson addressed it on CNBC's "Squawk Box" Tuesday morning.

After the massacre of 26 people inside a small Texas church - many people are asking the question, "Why didn't we see this coming?"

Secretary Wilson identified the key problem that failed on their end. 

"We've initiated a review in the Air Force to find out why his fingerprint records were not transmitted to the database and we'll find out why," she said.

Wilson said they are checking all of the Air Force databases.

"And there are several of them to find out and confirm that all court marital convictions for these type of offenses have been reported in the civilian database," she said.

Now, many are asking: If it happened in the Air Force, could it happen within other military branches?

 "The Defense Department Inspector General is also going to be looking across the department to make sure that everything is checked a nd that all procedures are clarified," she said.

When asked, if the Air Force will have to accept some form of liability for the 26 victims, Wilson said it's more about 'responsibility.'

"We've taken responsibility and we're gonna find out what happened and fix it," she said.

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