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American Ninja Warrior training course in Colorado Springs

American Ninja Warrior training course

COLORADO SPRINGS - A unique obstacle course in Colorado Springs continues to attract the attention of Ninja Warriors from across the country.

Damon Marcucci now has 35 full-size obstacles in his yard built specifically for someone looking to train for the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior, which will hold tryouts in Denver in May.

He says trainees from all over the U.S. have tried out his course.

Marcucci began building it 4 years ago for himself, but over time, opened it up to others.

“So many people are interested in the sport, that I started opening it up to people. And I started training guys, and it has just become a really fun thing for me. And it keeps me sharp as well,” explained Marcucci.

The "Wolfpack Ninja Tour" in April will generate money for Colorado Children's Hospital.

Damon says he will allow anyone participating in that event to train for free at his "Altitude Ninja Training Course" on Kiowa until the competition.

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