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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Thief stealing package


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Porch pirates are back at it. In this case, the thief is caught on camera stealing a package off a front porch.

But it's what was inside the package, that has one family even more upset.

"It was kind of unbelievable, you just don't think it would happen to you," said Maria Jones.

Jones captured a dark green Toyota Tacoma driving on West Brookside Street Tuesday afternoon.
Moments after the car drives by, a man dressed in khaki with a hood, runs to the front door, grabs the package in broad daylight and runs off.

"It looked like from our footage that there were other gentlemen in the car as well. It was very thought out so I'm assuming this isn't the only place they're going to hit," Jones said.

However, little did the thief know what was inside the box is crucial for a 2-year-old.

"It was something we ordered for my daughter. She has cystic fibrosis and it was essential oils," Jones said.

The oils help Emma breathe by unclogging build up in her lungs.

"It won't have any value, it's not like you're getting an iPhone or computer, no you're getting oils to help my daughter. They're expensive and she needs them it's not something she can go without," she said.

Cysitc Fibrosis is a life-threatening disorder that can't be cured, only treated with medicine.

The package was shipped through Amazon, so we called: Amazon told us the package could be replaced or refunded.

Luckily, the family is getting their money back, but it won't stop the thieves from striking again.

"Just hoping he gets caught, we have great footage," Jones said.

Some good reminders, always have your package delivered to a location where you know someone is home, such as work or a friend's house and always keep an eye on your tracking number.


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