Colorado Springs

City: Hang in there Colorado Springs....We'll get to you.

Broken tree branches still pose risks after storm




After multiple city agencies received nearly fifteen hundred phone calls following Monday night's storm, the cleanup could take a while.

City crews used heavy machinery on Wednesday to clean up hanging tree limbs leftover from Monday night's storm. The colorado springs forestry department says it received 600 of the more than 1400 calls from different city agencies about downed branches and as the cleanup continues the city is warning people from thinking the danger is over.

"We're still very much in the stages of having a lot of hazards out there," said city forester Jay Hein. "I would caution folks when they're parking their cars to keep their eyes up. Unless we've received calls, we're not aware of every danger so it's still a good time to be looking at what's over your head."

the city says it's turning much of the excess wood into mulch but reminds homeowners that it will only pick up branches that fall from city-owned trees in parks, on roads, or by sidewalks.

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