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City of Co. Springs enters contract with Global Supertanker for extreme future fire emergencies

WATCH: City of Co. Springs enters contract with Global Supertanker for future fire emergencies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Global SuperTanker is now clear for takeoff for future fires in Colorado Springs.

A one year "call when needed" contract has been finalized between the city and the Global SuperTanker.

“Because it's in the city, I would think there would be a city expectation that if we had another devastating wildfire and we didn't have some sort of way of connecting with that resource, I think our citizens would have some questions,” said Colorado Springs Fire Department Chief Ted Collas.

However, people shouldn't expect to see the SuperTanker in the skies of Colorado Springs for just any fire.
It will be a bit of an overkill if it was a small brush fire on the edge of town with one or two trees burning,” said Bob Soelberg, the Senior Vice President and Program Manager for Global SuperTanker, LLC.

The full SuperTanker load is about 20 thousand gallons of water or retardant, so it would only be called out for a massive emergency.

As far as cost, the SuperTanker is based in the city, and under the agreement, it won't charge Colorado Springs any daily fees for the contract.

“That's really a nice benefit being so close. We know we are not going to have to deploy the
infrastructure to some other location. We can look out off the runway and see where we are going.
So that's a real benefit and we can provide a lot of cost savings to the city because of it,” said Soelberg.

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