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City wants cable companies to pay up


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The city of Colorado Springs is looking to increase its cable fees to pay for a 3-1-1 phone system. That system is meant to help the public communicate with local government. But the system would come at a cost that cable companies may end up passing down to you.

"What I want to hear about is why we're being asked to pay for this fee," said Comcast subscriber Diane Sigler. Sigler is upset that the city is trying to begin a new 3-1-1 program that she thinks is unneeded.

"I'm not interested in it. I don't care for it. Another five dollars, yeah it may not seem like much, but I'm just tired of the increases," said Sigler

And she's not alone. Sigler is one of several people who voiced both their concerns and support of Comcast Cable at a public forum held at city hall on Thursday night.

"Anytime we can get you to talk to us directly with the ease of the dial of 311, is the best interest of the community," said city council member Bill Murray.

But if the city is trying to charge Comcast and in return Comcast passes the buck down to you, which side are people mad at?

"Both," said Sigler. "You know i don't want to pay the extra money and I don't want the city to be able to tell me 'hey we're gonna impose this 3-1-1,' I think they should put it to a vote. I think the citizens should be able to vote on it."

The city council will hold its next public hearing on the matter on January 31st.

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