Colorado Springs

Climber rescued after falling nearly 15 feet at Garden of the Gods

COLORADO SPRINGS - A climber at Garden of the Gods who fell 15 feet had to be rescued on Sunday afternoon.

Rescue crews told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that when they arrived, the climber was wedged in between a rock, which he had stopped his fall.

The climber was not wearing technical gear and officials say they do not know if he had any climbing experience.

Crews want to remind people if they want to climb rocks, they have to first get a permit, wear proper gear and stay in the designated areas

“The places are fenced off and there are signs all over the place to let you know if you aren't a technical climber with gear, to stay off the rocks. And also, any time there's rain, snow anything, within 24 hours you want to stay off the rocks at the garden,” said Lt. Ryan Warner.

Warner did not release whether the climber would be charged. 

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