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Coach Transportation Expands

COLORADO SPRINGS - It’s been nine months since the Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Bill became law allowing companies like Coach Transportation to expand.

“Pueblo called us last week [they] told us that they would really would much be happy to meet with us because they know they are in need these kind of services and cannot find providers for them,” says Christel Aime. Before the law people like Janel Ely, who is legally blind, faced many struggles.

“I was having to use some services that it seemed I was perpetually either late or I had to pay money I couldn’t really afford.”

Ely is only one of many Medicaid recipients in Southern Colorado.

Our partners at the Pueblo Chieftain say Medicaid clients in Pueblo County have increased by nearly 60 percent in the past two years.

“We also work with some Medicaid providers in Pueblo and so there is a big need in Pueblo for medical and non-emergency medical transportation, so we are projecting starting in March to open our services.”

Coach Transportation aims to help clients feel independent. “We see this as a way to reach out to people and provide one basic need which is care.”

Rachel Thompson enjoys helping their clients, “People need us and we will be there for them.”

Coach Transportation hopes its expansion can help those who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

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