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Truck/school bus collision Monday shuts down Colorado Springs intersection

Police say truck driver ran red light

3 kids taken to hospital after Monday...

COLORADO SPRINGS - The downtown intersection of Cimarron and Weber streets closed for two hours after a school bus and a truck collided Monday afternoon. 

It happened around 2:40 p.m. while the bus transported 37 kids from Columbia Elementary School in District 11 to a day care.

Three kids were taken to a hospital for further evaluation but authorities said most had just bumps, bruises -- and quite a scare.  The nature of the three kids' injuries was not revealed.

Austen Sawyer was in traffic behind the bus and saw the crash.

"I was about eight car-lengths back, so I never got into the intersection, thankfully," he said.  "I saw the guy (going) westbound on Cimarron and T-boned right into the school bus, unfortunately.  Several bystanders checked on him, then went to check on the kids.  The kids were pretty shaken up."

Amilia Reed, 7, was one of the kids aboard.

"I got hurt on my head and now I have a bump," she said.  It was really, really scary."

Her parents expressed relief. 

"I was a little nervous walking up (to the scene)," said father Matt Reed.  "But that was after we got a call from paramedics telling us she was OK."

"We won't keep her off the bus," said mother Ashley Reed.  "We know things happen.  We trust our bus driver."

Authorities said the driver of the pickup truck ran a red light but no other information was released about him.

"It could have been a lot worse," Sawyer said.  "He made contact over the rear axle.  Anywhere else and it might have been worse.

Some parents went to the crash scene to get their kids, while others waited for a second school bus to take remaining kids to the day care.

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