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Colorado leads the Nation as the least obese state

According to the state of Colorado is the least obese of the lower 48. The site gathered data from several sources, on numerous topics, and allows the user to compare their county with any other in the nation.

Digging into the report we compared four counties, Adams, El Paso, Pueblo, and Teller and looked at the various factors to see which county is the healthiest.

Adult obesity is lowest in Teller County, according to the report, coming in at 18% while Pueblo and Adams Counties tie for the top end at 26%.

According to the report El Paso County has the lowest rate of smoking of the four and is lower than the state average of 16%.

Adams County leads the four in access to medical care, but all four of the counties we checked are below the state average for access to medical treatment.

Pueblo County took the lead with the lowest reported trend of excessive drinking at only 15% in “The Steel City.”

To see the whole report, and compare your county with your friends across the country, click on this link.

If you’d like to see where the report gathered the data we’ve referenced above, or any of the other numbers they gave, click on the links below.

Adult Obesity Rate

Adult Smoking Rate

Access to Medical Care

Excessive Drinking Rate

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