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Colorado Springs armed robberies continue

Risk rises for robbery clerks after...

Since January several armed robberies have occurred at convenience stores, including a deadly shooting at one liquor store a few weeks ago.

The crime spree continues, and now many are questioning the safety of our local store clerks. 

"It's getting a little too crazy, especially when someone gets killed," Quinton Clausell said. 

Clausell works at 7-Eleven. A father of two, he works the overnight shift on the weekends. 

"It's kind of hard to be able to be comfortable at night working making extra money for your children, and then knowing there's a string of robberies going on," Clausell said. 

With so many robberies over the last several weeks, it has some wondering if the job is even worth the risk. 

"My wife had asked, but I said no," Time Kemnetz said. 

Kemnetz said he's believed for a long time that the risk isn't worth the money. 

"It's just not worth your life," Kemnetz said. 

Others said the job is worth it if it pays the bills. 

"I know everybody needs to work, I know some jobs are more hazardous than others but you got to put food on the table somehow," Thomas Langeland said. 

CSPD is still looking for suspects associated with these robberies. Anyone with information is asked to contact police.


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