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Colorado Springs business owner sees backlash after social media mixes him up with 'hateful' poster

Colorado Springs business owner sees backlash after social media mixes him up with hateful poster

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - In the wake of the tragedy that took the life of Deputy Micah Flick, people took to social media, and in some situations, emotions were high.

But one local business owner found himself being attacked when people mixed him up with another poster on social media. 

Joe Trevino is the owner and operator of Trevino Custom Drywall, a business he has owned for 27 years.

Joe is a man of few words, especially on social media.

“I'm not much of an online person. I try to stay away from the internet,” Joe joked when he spoke to NewsChannel 13 on Monday.

That fact made it even more confusing when people started attacking his business page on Facebook, Yelp, and Google reviews over the weekend.

His daughter, Alexandra Renck was alerted of the posts by a friend, and looked into the situation.

She found out that someone named Joe Trevino, the same spelling as her father’s, was posting on Facebook media threads from Deputy Micah Flick's funeral.

Those comments used strong language, and other commenters said they were disrespectful and inappropriate towards law enforcement.

After that, someone found Trevino's business page, assumed it was the same “Joe Trevino,” and the attacks began.

“It started off on the original shared post that was basically saying boycott this business and then it trickled out and snowballed,” said Renck.

From there, several people left poor reviews saying Trevino was disrespectful towards police, and urged others not to use the business.

With Trevino’s business being a small company, he and his family were worried about the repercussions that could come from a rumor like this. Renck worked for hours literally trying to clear her father's name.

“I had to contact all of these people individually and say ‘hey you have the wrong information could you please take that down,’” said Renck.

Most people did take down the comments, and some even apologized, but she says it was a headache that could have been avoided altogether.

“I urge people to do your research because it wouldn't take that much to prove that this person is not another person. Someone starts a spark and it spreads like wildfire,” said Renck.

Though he's a man of few words, Joe took the chance to set the record straight on this topic.

“I am glad that I have this opportunity to get my word out. I have the utmost respect for law-enforcement and first responders. It is sad someone would speak poorly about them,” said Trevino.  

We did reach out to the Joe Trevino that people were reacting to in the original posts, asking if he felt his comments were appropriate, and if he felt they warranted such a strong response.

He responded on Monday night, saying, "my comments were my opinion and their reaction was their own."


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