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Colorado Springs dentist one of the first to use needle-free anesthetic

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Going to the dentist can sometimes be uncomfortable, and if we know we will need a numbing shot in the gums, it can be that much harder to make time to get there.  

Now, there's an alternative, and it can be found in southern Colorado.

Dr. Christina Sletten in Colorado Springs is now using a nasal anesthetic.

She was one of the first dentists in the world to use the anesthetic Kovanaze on 30 of her patients in a pre-clinical trial five years ago.

Now that Kovanaze is FDA approved, Dr. Sletten is utilizing it on a daily basis.

Instead of a shot into the gums, a solution is sprayed into the nose, which numbs the top teeth.

Kovanaze also does not have some of the classic symptoms of traditional numbing, like lip and tongue numbness.

The new anesthetic has only been on the market for just a few months now.

The downside to the new method is the cost. According to Dr. Sletten, traditional numbing shots are typically just a few dollars. Kovanaze can cost around $50.

However, Dr. Sletten says it is worth the extra funds.


She says the new method say it could help patients who have a fear of needles, or are reluctant to come in because of past experiences. 

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