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Colorado Springs eye clinic brings new surgery option to cataract patients

Breakthrough eye surgery a first in...


Medical history is being made in the state at a Colorado Springs eye clinic. A Multi-focal Toric Hybrid Intra-ocular lens was implanted this week during a standard cataract surgery. It sounds complicated, but this brand new surgery is designed to make a patient's life easier.

"I'm excited to see better and not have my eyes so tired all the time."

For Nancy Richards, a fifteen-minute surgery means being able to drive in the dark again, and not having to constantly use eye drops.

It also means getting to ditch the eyeglasses even though she has an astigmatism. It's all thanks to a brand new kind of lens called the Multi-focal Toric hybrid Intrao-cular lens.

"Before we had the ability to correct astigmatism or you could have the ability to have a broader range of vision and requiring less need for glasses. Essentially the two were separate."

But this new technology combines multiple corrective lenses into one.

"What makes this lens different for her was the ability to put the ability to correct the astigmatism and the broader range into one lens."

The lens was recently approved by the FDA.. Richards was the first patient in Colorado to get this lens. It means she'll get clear vision, both near and far, on top of fixing the cataract and astigmatism but the surgery will be the same.

Despite how it looks, it's easy on patients.

"Certainly with sedation, the patient is very comfortable and with anesthetic for the eye directly on top and on the inside, the patients don't feel much of anything and they often ask after it's done "when are we starting?"

It's technology that will help many patients like Richards get the best of both worlds.

"Thank you so much, that was fun!"

"Yeah on my end too!"

  The new surgery is now available to all patients that fit the need at the Colorado Eye Institute.

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